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Bad week for Ambazonia:”General” Nambere’s defection provides an intelligence “goldmine” for military



News of the biggest defection yet within the Ambazonian camp this Sunday November 12 2019 has rattled supporters of the struggle, shocked its founders and leaves Yaounde in silent jubilation.

The shocking betrayal from the heads of one of the most potent groud forces operating in Kupe Manenguba comes to cap what has been a terrible week for Ambazonian secessionists as they struggle to digest news of shocking support received by Yaounde from 125 member states of the Non-aligned movement concerning the crisis.

An Intelligence gold mines?

General Nambere who had been reportedly killed or kidnapped by country’s military many times in the last has been one of the most active fighter in the South West region

He is seen as one of the longest serving Ambazonian fighters and very influential on ground zero.

Reports say he keeps regular contacts with top hierarchy of the Ambazonian movement and has been reported on many occasions to be one of the fighters who smuggled arms in the country to fight the war

His surprise defection will provide a huge source of intelligence gathering about the modes of operation of the fighters and who are their main sponsors.

Traitor or patriot

Why the government is yet to officially declare his defection , Ambazonian activists have taken to social media to tag one of their once loyal fighters a traitor, warning their remaining fighters to seize all communications with him as he walks free and dines in the nation’s political capital with foreign diplomats

In May this year,some new organs reportedly that he had been arrested in Nigeria by the West African giant’s intelligence service and eillnbe deported to Cameroon

It is not yet known what might have caused the “general” to turn against a struggle he once swore to defend till his dying day but sources tell TeboPost he was beginning to be worried about the rampant kidnappings for ransom by other armed groups

He is reported that he tried complaining to the Interim Government popularly known as IG about his frustrations but his concerns were repeatedly ignored.

It is not yet clear if those grievances were the mediate reasons for his betrayal of the struggle but one thing remains sure-his departure will certainly shake the very core of the Ambazonian leadership because their secrets are now on the lose

But as the secessionists struggle to understand what went wrong, Yaounde will certainly be thinking that it’s policy of carrot and stick is working even if it’s doing so at a pace many don’t like.

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Chaos welcome Biya at Paris Peace forum



President Biya joins world leaders in Paris France on the invitation of Macron to attend the second edition of the Paris Peace forum.

The two days forum which seeks to create a peaceful world will see one of the biggest gathering of world leaders in European soil

But amidst debates and criticism at home for snubbing landslide victims’ memorial service in Bafoussam where he was represented by premier Dion Ngute to attend a peace forum in France, President Biya has come under fire from the diaspora pressure group known as BAS

Members of the much threaded BAS who have made Europe uncomfortable for the President “welcomed the 86 years old with massive protest outside his hotel

Shocking images and videos of a protest-ready Cameroonian diaspora battling with hundreds of anti riot French police infront of Maurice Hotel lodging the Presidential once again embarrass Yaounde and put the country in the spotlight for wrong reasons

French anti riot police had battled to contained the sometimes violent protesters yesterday November 11th 2019 who wanted to force open the door of the hotel , leaving Cameroonian Presidential guards to scramble as more people all over the country troop into Paris to join the protest team

Protesters where chanting “Paul Biya assasin” in French while others sang the team song for Anglophone protesters “how many people Paul Biya go kill?”

While there are no reports of any casualty, TeboPost gathered the French authorities have demarcated an area around the hotel where protesters can carry out their civic right of protests.

President Biya’s visit in Europe lately have been met with violet protests from the so called a “Brigade Anti- Sadinarde” , a group which has constituted themselves as Kamto supporters but seen in Yaounde as traitors of the republic.

In January 28 ,2019, BAS protesters joined MRC militants at home to strike in many European countries, calling for President Biya to end the war in Anglophone regions, free Kamto and step down

Cameroonian embassy in Paris was attacked, properties within the embassy destroyed as diplomats flee for safety.

Many back home had criticized the French police for the attack and their failure to protect the property from violent protesters.There were also protests in Belgium and Germany that same day

In July 2019, members of BAS from different parts of Europe stormed the intercontinental Hotel in Switzerland which was hosting the Presidential couple for a private stay, clashing with protesters and forced the Swiss government to send the President and wife back home prematurely in a move which was seen as a big win for the movement which is causing serious headache to Yaounde.

Some body guards of the president were also charged in Swiss court for harassing a Swiss reporter who was filming the protests. None of them was arrested or sentenced.

The latest round of protest comes barely a month after opposition leader professor Maurice Kamto and his team were released from prison on October 5th 2029, satisfying one of the key demands of BAS movement has raise fresh concerns about the end goal of the protesters.

After Kamto’s release, the movement issued a brief statement, saying they welcome the move but will continue to protest until President Biya steps down.

Biya is currently enjoying a new mandate which runs til 2025. He will be 92 Years of age.

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How competent is CONAC? Agency shockingly snubs $15.3 million embezzlement lead



Ever since it’s creation in March 2006 by Presidential decree with the mandate to fight corruption and embezzlement of public funds, the country’s anti-corruption agency CONAC which is suppose to be one of the busiest anti-corruption agencies in the world given the decree of corruption in the country has been in the spotlight -but for all the wrong reasons

The body incharge of ensuring a corrupt free Cameroon has come under scrutiny from critics for its selective investigations, incompetence and ironically corruption within its ranks

The head of CONAC, Rev Dieudonne Massi Gams has always insisted that his agancy which doesn’t have the mandate to persecute is doing its best efforts even though it seems those efforts rest in their annual reports which government then decides which one to implement or not

But amdits the shortcomings of the text creating arguably the most important agency in the country, CONAC isn’t helping its own course, and its mode of operating only adds firepower in the hands of its critics.

Despite massive sensitizations and about the need for people to report cases of corruption to the agency, TeboPost finds out CONAC is so poorly equipped to fight corruption in modern day Cameroon

A three minutes phone call this reporter had with a member of the CONAC team today Monday Movember 11th 2019 reveals the gross incompetence of the agency to ensure safety of witnesses who might be willing to come forth to testify.

A Staff member showed text book expample of bad customer service and put into question the competence of some staffers and agencies’ ability to rid out corruption in Cameroon

Following a lead from a lady (whose name and nationality TeboPost is withholding for security reasons) who claims to have knowledge about a supposed 15.3 million USD theft by a former Cameroon ministers, with knowledge on where the money is kept and when the plans to remove it from the country, this reporter tried reaching CONAC for days in order to hook them up with the witness.

Their mobile and fixed lines were not passing for the better part of Friday throughout weeknends as time the witness says was running out

When this reporter finally gets to CONAC through the number 6 58 26 26 82 on Monday November 11th 2019 at 11:18 the feedback was not only discouraging but offers a rare glimpse at the inner workings of the agency and how poorly equipped they are to fight corruption

After introducing myself, this reporter explained the situation and tried to inquire if the agency could setup an urgent and secure means of communication with the Zambian lady to get the necessary evidences and hear her testimonial about the supposed stolen fund.

The lady who was in no urgency refused to tell this reporter her name but rather insists she is CONAC saying the agency cannot make any special arrangement for any weakness because according to her, it goes against their agency’s policies

Pressed on why an anti-corruption agency can’t ensure a witness feels safe enough to give incriminating details worth over USD 15 million which is about to be taken out of the country? The lady replied in a rude and unprofessional tone “ if she cannot tell us like this then let her leave it “ shocking and disbelieving as it may sound this reporter insisted given the importance of the of the subject matter and it’s urgency.

Let her leave it? This reporter ask again and she replied “ yes other!people have been given us information through this means so why can’t she” she replied

This reporter added , she can’t because she is scared that her phone might be tapped or something, I don’t Knowe her dealings with the said ministers and how she got hold of the information but it will be important you get to hear from her Madame, then the lady replied “ why is she scared” if she is scared th let her leave it”

But I didn’t stop asking

Madame I have introduced myself to you and where I work, please can I know who are my talking to? “Why do you want to know my name”she asked

Me: just so I can tell the lady Mrs. Say Glory from CONAC says they can’t arrange for a secured call say though WhatsApp with you as it is against their policy

The lady: I can’t tell u my name, I am CONAC and I’m the only one who uses this number.

Me: No Madame I know you are working for CONAC but you aren’t CONAC, administrative protocol demands you atleast introduce yourself, name and desk when taking calls on behalf of your company

Lady: if you insist on knowing my name then you have call app or download it and you will see my name

Me: Really? Madame! I have to download an app just to know your name

Lady: have a nice day
End of call

The late morning phone calls between this reporter and staff member at CONAC reveals appualing neglect of security measures necessary to build confidence on the part of any person willing to come forward with a helpful information.

The unprofessional approach and zero customer service exhibited by the staff is replica of what obtains within our very corrupt government structures and brings into serious questions about the credibility and competence of CONAC to fight corruption

If an Agency charged to fight corruption can neglect with so much unprofesionalism and nonchalance a lead worth tens of millions of US dollars of stolen wealth in an improvereished country, then one really begins to wonder the fate of Cameroonians in CONAC’s erra

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Biya dares Fru Ndi; convenes electorate without fulfilling SDF demands



President Biya today November 10th 2019 convenes the electoral college for legislative and municipal elections in three months time

The Decree which effectively closes registration of new voters sets the date for election to February 9th 2020

The news will come as a welcome relief to political actors who have been worried  with the constant postponing of elections which were since 2018.

But as some opposition parties strategize to unseat the CPDM and end their insulting dominance in different councils across the country and in the lower house which has made mockery of Cameroon’s democracy, many will be cautious about the stakes of next year’s election.

Coming amidst hovering Major National Dialogue resolutions which might see local councils empowered and be given a free hand to run their affairs, most political parties will treasure any single council they can have unde their name in this new era.

Perhaps one of those parties which will be least excited about this new development will be the SDF- Cameroon’s chief opposition partying or should I say one time chief opposition party .

The Social Democratic Front of Ni John Fru Ndi has been a potent political force in the country since the introduction of multiparty politics in 90s even though their punches haven’t been potent enough to unseat the CPDM monopoly

In their National Executive meeting held in August 10th 2019, the SDF party warned of the possibility to boycot Municiapl and legislative elections come 2020 should the government failed to take adequate measures to end the crisis.

They also promised to recall their MPs and senators from both houses in a move many say had been long overdue- Now the date has been set and the crisis have not been resolved.

The Anglophone crisis has affected the party more than any other. The North West and South West regions remain the bastion of the party but the Anglophone crisis has changed the political landscape

Anglophones like most other Cameroonians have lost interest in the electoral process epitomized by the embarrassing voter turnout and repeated bans and ghost towns imposed by armed civilian fighters during elections haven’t helped the situation on the ground

The three years Anglophone crisis has killed many and displaced millions of SDF die-heart supporters and elections are the least thing any Anglophone will want to hear.

The demise of SDF has also given rise to Kamto’s MRC. The Legal heavyweight and one time regime loyalist have taken the country by storm, his party killed any remnants of SDF in his native West region (one of the few non Anglophone regions where the SDF parry strives) and won more sympathizers in the Anglophone regions and beyond.

Kamto’s historic second position in 2018 Presidential election didn’t surprise many even as he and his supporters continue to lay claim to the first position saying they were cheated

SDF came a distant 3rd in that election for the first time since the creation of the party and the prospects doesn’t look good for the party.

The 2018 Presidential election results reaffirms the position of its certification who say it’s an Anglophone party.

The government has snubbed all proposals coming from the party with respect to the Anglophone crisis, ignoring countless communiques and ultimatums issued by the party as the crisis drags on.

Fru Ndi has resisted calls from Ambazonia activists and rebel fighters to recall his MPs and senators from the country’s parliament hoping his political foes will see reasons with him to end the crisis urgently- and now time has caught up with him and his part.

Their handful of MPs at the lower house and 7 senators out of 100 in the senate means they lack the legislative firepower to stand the CPDM- the best decision for the party it seems might be total boycot of fathoming elections if the party intends to be relevant again-atleast in the eyes of Anglophones

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