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February 2020 elections: SDF prepares to run, Anglophones prepare to bury the party



In November 2018, top brass of the Social Democratic Front SDF organized a press conference after shocking results at the polls.

The chief opposition party or should I say former chief opposition party had just emerged a distant 3rd, surrendering its natural second position to a rising Kamto for the first time in its history and blaming government and party top brass for the shameful fall.

Defending the their allegations of fraud at a marathon post election trial at the constitutional council shortly after 2018 Presidential elections, the party’s lead counsel Barister Sama made a shocking and chilling admission “if this results were done fairly and transparently, SDF would have emerge winner or at-least our second position which has always been ours since 1992”

It is the second part of the statement which which exonerates crictics of the party who say the party have entered an unholy and secret agreement with the regime and are satisfied with the position of first opposition party.

But if that dismal Defeat of 2018 was the death of Fru Ndi’s party, 2020 municipal elections might be the funeral service.

Anglophones who constitute the historic base of the SDF have been in crisis for three years now, they blame the ruling party for their predicaments and SDF for not supporting them forcefully.

There have been calls for SDF MPs and senators who constitute an insignificant minority anyways to abandon the parliament and throw their weight behind the people.

Critics of the party says SDF cannot survive without Anglophones and risk losing relevance if they don’t respond to their demands

Even a one time SDF MP honorable Joesph Wirba who gained rockstar status and political prominence  following his defiant speech in parliament which endeared him in the hearts of many back in December 2016 has urged his former colleagues to resign en mass  and leave parliament as a sign of support to the cry of the people

The party has stubbornly resisted the call, brandishing its credentials as a national party and rubbished any suggestions that it’s an Anglophone party.

Its chaireman John Fru Ndi insist his MPs and senators needs a platform like the parliament to advance the peoples concern, something almost all his supporters disagree, saying they haven’t changed anything since 1992 when they started taking part in elections.

The Anglophones drifted away from the party and what followed was a humiliating and disastrous defeat to first timer Joshua Osih as head of the party in the 2018 Presidential race forcing national executives of the party to go on apology spreee.

When the party in it’s August 10th 2019 executive meeting announced it will not run for municipal and legislative elections if government doesn’t resolve the Anglophone crisis,most of its crictics and those left of its dwindling supporters welcomed the move, saying it will put government under pressure to do more to end the crisis and reconcile the party with its lost supporters many of whom don’t  see any future through the ballot.

On November 13th 2019, barely two days after the party confirmed its decision to boycot the February race, party officials make another shocking revelation yet again, they are satisfied with government’s efforts so far to resolve the crisis, effectively announcing their plans to take part in the elections

Fru Ndi issued a communique calling for his MPs and mayors across the country to compile documents for the elections- a shocking king twist of  events for a party struggling with identity

The decision has not gone well with many who took to social media to express their indignations.

Wafor Wilfred writes “SDF had long been dead and buried since the last presidential election. it is only crying in the grave in spirit”
Another user by name Tony Ngah writes
“This is the end of the CPDM branch called SDF” one social media writes

“ We don’t even care anymore about anything politics, we are focus on our freedom” another equips as thousands of comments flooded social media

This is not the first time SDF is making a u turn when it comes to election participation in the country leaving many to question the independence of the party and its secret dealings with the CPDM

SDF might consider itself a national party at par with Biya’ CPDM but in reality it has never realy resonated beyond North West, South Wes, West and Littoral regions

Even some of the South Westerners see the party as a Bemenda party while the West region has decided to embrace one of their sons, political rising star Maurice Kamto, abandoning the SDF in the process.

Littoral still looks uncertain but Kamto’s MRC seems to have that covered if results of last presidential elections are anything to go by

If the unpopular decision by the SDF to run for 2020 elections is seen by party hierarchy as a way to win back lost voters , 2020 might prove to be the year SDF finally died and indeed got buried.


Lebialem: military employ Amba tactics



Soldiers are now blocking roads in M’muock Fosimondi and demanding money from commuters, Mimi Mefor reprted

“I am writing to you from M’muock Fosimondi in the Lebialem Division. I have been hearing of the Amba boys blocking roads as defensive tactic but now in our area, it is the military that are doing so,” the local says.

The concerned local adds that: “There are two roads one can use to enter or exit the village to the nearby town of Dschang, one which passes through the Military post. There, the military block the other entry because they want all bikes and vehicles to pass through their post where they will forcefully collect the sum of FCFA 2,000 to FCFA10, 000 from each driver. Nobody have a voice because once you say a word, you’re an Amba boy.”

Lebialem is one of the hardest hit areas of the Anglophone crisis. Armed civilian  groups known as Red dragons under the command of Ambazonian field marshal controls most parts of the division, forcing local administrators to operate from neighboring Dschang in the west region of the country which borders the division

The red Dragons are seen as one of the most potent ground fighters in the two English speaking regions of the country.


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[Must Read] Abdul Karim weeps for Southern Cameroon in a tear-dropping letter



In an open letter addressed to SOUTHERN Cameroonians, Muslim scholar and government critic Abdul Karim weeps for the fate of the revolution, calls on its leaders to be more united against a common enemy and to shun hate, backstabbing and infighting amongst their ranks

he writes

Dear Southern Cameroonians, We have grappled the enemy hard and well; scored points beyond count. Yet ego, pride, hate, and greed are ripping us off our spoils of war; of our victory and gains.

Contemporary, we fight ourselves. We have created a circle of hate and dwell therein. We threaten ourselves with criminal charges, we tell lies about ourselves to the public, we sabotage genuine efforts, blackmail our very selves, we expose ourselves ruthlessly and shamelessly? come on!
—–How could a #Catholic Christian rejoice upon the demise of a #Protestant? (Is Jesus Christ not the center of belief?——
In the same light, Southern Cameroons should shield our hate and guard our tongues/modesty. I may disagree with one of us but my personal perception(s) about that individual should not overshadow the common position(liberation of Fatherland).

Note! Hate does the following to you.
1. Add your difficulties
2. Multiply your problems
3. Subtract your energy
4. Divide your effectivity.

please tell me who can thrive with those four in play? Remember hate and ego do more harm to the vessel that carries them than to the object on which they are being poured.

My candid advice: Please be careful what you do unto others. I think the Gospel according to Matthew captures it well;
“Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, `Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye”. -Matthew 7:1-5

Instead of the above horrible and ugly demeanor, we should focus on prepping for the inevitable negotiations with LRC. We need one another more than ever.

Dear comrades,
The winner is not just the one who has truth or one who makes the case. The winner is necessarily one who is both competent and have the ability to negotiate. Negotiation is the use of INFORMATION and POWER respectively to affect behavior within a “web of tension”. Please, let’s all think about this broad definition by Herb Cohen and realize how bad we are doing.

Quit hating ourselves Southern Cameroonians. What the hell is wrong with us? Na Curse?

Abdulkarim Ali.

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UB to move graduation date as Ekema burial program takes center stage



University of Buea will be moving it’s graduation ceremony one week later following official funeral program of the late Buea Mayor.

The graduation which was initially scheduled for Saturday 14th of December 2019 will be moved to Saturday December 21st 2019 according to sources in the Buea based University

Council authorities today December 4th 2019 released the full funeral program of former mayor and political heavyweight of the region -Ekema PATRICK

The combative mayor will be buried on Saturday 14th December 2019, in his native Buea. The state funeral which is expected to bring together the political forces of the nation will be attended by the special repsentative of the head of state.

Mayor Ekema PATRICK died on Sunday October 27th 2019 in DOUALA after suffering from what sources say was heart attack. He was the mayor of Buea municipality and died at age 49.

See detail program of the funeral below!

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