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Crisis at Buea Kidney center: One dead, many flee as dialysis prices go up 500%



Patients of the Buea regional hamodialysis center are living some of their worst moments. Reports say one has already died due to inability to undergo dialysis and many others are on the run to other cities for those who can afford as they seek the life saving treatment

Poor maintenance of hemodialysis machines meant to dehydrate waste from close to 200 patients with kidney failure has led to the complete break down, forcing some patients to move to other towns and leaving others to die at home.

Reports say medical officials are charging as much as 25 000 Frs for each patient to be put on dialysis
when the actual price stands at 5000frs

“They have three emergency machines still working and it’s charged 25 000 Frs per session, I just can’t afford it so I am moving to Ebolowa” one patient told TeboPost

One Official at the center whose name we are withholding because she is not allowed to speak on behalf of the center say the emergency machines are used only for extreme cases and patients have been advised to move to other towns.

But patients say officials at the center are favoring the rich by raising the prices to 25 000 which many of them can not afford

Most patients with kidney diseases are required to undergo hemodialysis two times a week. It’s an artificial means of removing waste from their system by purifying their blood since their kidney(s) can not longer function

There is atleast one  hemodialysis center in all regions of the country. Reports of faulty machines in most center means many have died across the country due to inability to take dialysis.


Camairco plane attack: Ayah Paul schools Akere on International law



Barely hours after the shooting of a plane belonging to the civilian airliner Camairco by armed civilian fighters in North West region, legal heavyweight Barister  Akere Muna took to Twitter to condemn the move, labeling it “international terrorism” and says it defeats it kills any sympathy to the Anglophone crisis.

His comments were re-echoed by some other senior Anglophone activists and politicians including Christopher  Fomunyuy.

But making a case for the attack on the country’s ailing airline carrier visiting a war torn Bafut airport , former justice of the supreme court and staunch government critic Ayah Paul Abine says the plane could be legitimate target for attack if it was used for military purposes as alleged by Ambazonian activists like Ayaba Cho

In a lengthy Facebook post, Justice Ayah Paul writes

The law is very clear that noncombatants (civilians) and civilian facilities are absolutely protected during war (armed conflicts). Such civilian facilities include schools, health structures (hospitals), refugee settlements, mobile objects…

That, however, is only a blanket statement subject to several exceptions. There is such abundant literature on the domain that one finds it superfluous to elaborate.

The fact is that, civilian facilities do become legitimate targets when those civilian facilities such as “vessels, aircraft, vehicles and buildings contain combatants, military equipment or supplies; [or] where [such facilities are] used for military purposes”.

No-one is saying here that targeting the CamairCo plane at Bafut was legitimate. We have no evidence to so assert. What we are asserting, without fear of any legal contradiction, is that, if the attacker had evidence that the plane was on a military mission – carrying combatants, military equipment or supplies or it was being used otherwise for military purposes, then, of course, the plane was a legitimate target!

Those involved in blanket condemnations, and the naming of the attackers even before any investigation has opened, do best know the foundation of their conclusions. On the contrary, they could well be making political declarations and NOT legal affirmations. We challenge whosoever to prove the contrary or even just contradict our legal position!!!

His statement is seen as a response to Barister Akere who was quick to label the attack international terrorism and total disrespect of the IHR treaty.

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Buea hospital Director reacts to TeboPost reports about ongoing crisis at the kidney center




The Director of the Buea refional hospital Annex Dr Martin Mokake has reacted to the reports of price hikes at his hemodialysis center and patients running to other downs for dialysis.

According to a message he sends to TeboPost management, the youngest hospital Director in the country says his management is not aware of the developments reported  by TeboPost but says they are open for more information and will investigate some of the things mentioned in the report.

“The last time I checked which was three days ago, there has been no such event in our center” he writes

“Perhaps you have information you want to share with us about patients who were ask to pay these sum……we can open an investigate and send report to hierarchy” Dr Mokake concluded

Dr Mokake who was installed few months ago had said his administration will prioritize among other things the building of a feedback oriented hospital.

TeboPost had reported an increase of prices up to 500% at the Buea hemodialysis center due to faulty machines. Many patients say they can’t afford the price and have fled the center to other regions.

Lack of machines also mean the few patients still there can only carry out dialysis once a week instead of the traditional two times a week for the patients, worsening their condition in the long run.

Sources at the center had told TeboPost patients were advised to go to other centers across the country. Atleast 5 patients are presently in Ebolowa for the life-saving treatment

TeboPost can independently confirm that at least one person has died due to the crisis.

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A grieving Gouatchié smiles for visiting Kamto as thousands say welcome



A grieving Bafoussam opens it heart for visiting Kamto

President of Cameroon Renaissance Movement MRC Maurice Kamto is the latest among the list of personalities to visit Gouatchie-Bafoussam landslide victims

The West region has been on the spotlight following the deadly landslide on October 28th 2019 in Gouatchié which killed more than 50 persons, leaving the region in shock and the nation searching its fragile political soul.

Combative and tireless MINAT boss Paul Atanga Nji was one of the first senior senior government officials to arrive the scene with a 200 million package and a three man ministerial delegation after local adminsiators, opening the gates to high profile celebrity visits like rapper Stanley Enow, singer Wax Dey and now government nemesis Kamto with the prime minister awaited there on November 9th 2019.

Images of “I am Bafoussam” has were quick to trend on social media, government responded speedily to the crisis, drawing rare applause from the population even though many agree they have to do more to prevent future disastsers which should be preventable if housing market is properly regulated and citizens evicted from unsafe zones.

Amongst the list of high profile dignagories and celebrities who have visited victims of the landslide in Bafoussam lately, most of their welcoming pale in comparison with the crowd size which welcomed Maurice Kamto today November 7th 2019

The son of the soil and opposition leader is visiting his region of origin for the first time since he was released by a Presidential pardon on October 5th 2019 after the major national dialogue

Kamto’s visist to a people in mourning drew thousands of supporters and sympathizers of his party who trooped the city streets to welcome an illustrious son.

Denizens of Bafoussam carried olive branches (which symbolizes  Peace) and some wore t-shirts of his party, barricaded the streets as many struggle to have a glimpse of a man whose supporters say is the winner of the 2018 Presidential election-one of the very reasons he was jailed earlier this year.

Maurice Kamto was in no political mode none the less, refusing to take advantage of the people’s plights for political gains as he went about consoling victims and visiting hospitals to see for himself the degree of damages caused by the disaster which has kep the nation mourning.

It’s the first time he is seen in the public after his release from prison. He wasn’t seen during a foiled protest organized by his party in some areas of the country last week end.

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