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Broken career? Blaise B fails in music and fails in fashion



One of the highlights of the November 22nd week end was the fashion taste of some of some Cameroonian celebrities as they adorned some of the finest, most expensive, stylish and most controversial outfits to grace the red carpet of the highly anticipated movie titled “Broken”

While the start-studded movie and grand concert in Las Vegas DOUALA featuring international acts Diamond Platinum and homeboy Stanley Enow gave entertainment lovers choice crisis, it was the what people wore to attend the movie premier which had to the internet on Fire

Details about the content of the movie have been relegated to the background for movie critics to border about it for the sake of posterity while the dressing styles features as headlines on all social media platforms and celebrity columns.

One of the most controversial outfit was adorned by self-acclaimed vocal highness- Blaise B.

The Alpha Beta record’s artist and producer appeared in yet another ancient look which seems to give more meaning to the title of Tzy’s latest song-Galilee

Dressed in a white gown partially covered with a red garment which covers his head in a look reminiscent of ancient religious priests in the days of the old, the sandals which covered his legs completed one of the fashion disasters in a night everything got broken.

Fans and critics stormed social media to express outrage and praises alike, with many arguing the DOUALA-based artist is failing yet again in another dormain

Blaise B has been one of the finest and promising music sensations in the country ever since the release of his hit single Eposi” back in 2015.

But the problem though is that he has never ever graduated from that tag of “promising” despite multiple releases and robbing shoulders with some of the biggest names in the country’s modern day music.

Blaise B might belong to same records label with Mr Leo and Salatiel, both of whom enjoy national and international fame and recognitions for their work, but his artistic work (Blaise B) has fallen short of deserved praise and the population and music lovers haven’t really embraced him as an A-list artist

He has made great strides in recent months, releasing exceptional singles and featuring some of the hottest names in the music business.

His works in music production has sold him at home too but he has fallen short of competing with the elites of the industry like Stanley Enow, Dapahne, Mr Leo, Locko, Wax Dey and many more

But despite these obvious career problems which some have blamed on magagement, it is the fashion taste of the “Le Gout de Ca” singer which has come under the knife.

His casual outing with a pair of shots untop of a pair of sneakers and a t-shirt with a business bag around his shoulder at “Saving Mbango” movie premier last month angered his fans and gave munitions to the firepower of his critics  but they quickly forgave him with the hope that he will make amends in “Broken” premier.

But Blaise B seemed to be basking in the glory of the negative publicity, joining some of his fans to welcome the vibes as he seeks to change fashion sense in an industry where fashion is still
to be fully embraced

Responding to his critics, the artists writes “Everything you want to do is in your hands. You have the power to change the world , control every energy around you ( be it Positive or Negative) . All you have to do is ride on, bend the rules ,act different and let the world speak about the storm. Sorry if you are still disappointed.

Designer @dobrinahproduction you did a great job “

Not even that will silence increasing number of critics who say he can’t climb his way to the pinnacle of entertainment with negativity- or what ever that means

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Back-to-back: Cameroon Music trio drops another banger “I don tire”



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Barely a week after the release of their debut single “jailer”- a remake of African music goddess,  ASA’s hit tune, Cameroon music trio has dropped another hit song titled “I don tire”

In “I don tire”, the group Black Tribe denounces gun violence, rape, xenophobia and other ills plaguing country Cameroon, Africa and the world.

Recorded in the country’s two official languages (French and English) and dropping at a time when there is an international pressure for ceasefire between  country’s separatist and government forces in the country’s English speaking regions, Black Tribe is in no small way adding its voice to the peace crusade many are now championing back home.

In a press release announcing the latest hit from their camp, the group writes “With so much disunity, hate, fear and uncertainty around us today, it’s our duty, every one of us to contribute in building a more peaceful world for our children”

The group Black Tribe consists of three members-M Consty, Larry Paize and Ernest Chicho

They have also hinted a full album on course to be releases in the months ahead

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BGC Queen Jaye shocks her critics; bless her fans with the release of stunning Amio video



It has been arguably the most anticipated music video in the country’s recent memory. Jaye’s release of her latest single Amio had kept the entire nation talking and music critics thinking about the future of the country’s music as the Buea-based artists stormed social media with her explicit music cover to announce her entrancing piece

Amio, a Cameroonian Romeo and Juliet love story quickly fizzled out of the social media bubbles around the country even as it top charts on BoomPlay and make waves on radios around the country as critics point to her explicit music cover photos and make it their talking point.

But in the heavily anticipated video directed by Cameroon’s video kingpin Mr Adrenaline, Jaye goes back to the roots of the Cameroonian music, blending images of the 80s with modern day reality while punctuating the scintillating scenes with the cherished Kizomba dance steps to produce what would strongly contest s for favourite video of the year and get anyone off their feet to the rhythm of good music.


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Followers of televangelist TB Joshua on edge as 27th March prophesy deadline for coronavirus looms



Followers of televangelist TB Joshua on edge as 27th March prophesy deadline for coronavirus looms 

The Nigerian prophet and general overseer of the Synagogue Church of all nations Prophet TB Joshua during one of his services said the deadly coronavirus ravaging the world will disappear just as it came by March 27th 2020

Another Nigerian based televangelists Apostle Suleman of the Omega Fire Ministries also told his followers that God told him the virus will disappear just as it came but didn’t attach a deadline to it 

The coronavirus however seem to be getting worst around the globe both in terms of numbers of infected cases and dead rates

Many continue to die around the world and African countries are increasingly infected with WHO officials warning  millions could die in the continent if nothing urgent is done to help.

But this would not be  the first time prophet TB Joshua’s prophesy fails to come true should the 27 March deadline fails to end the virus around the globe.

During the heated US elections between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, the revered man of God with millions of followers across the globe said he saw a woman emerging as the winner  of the race.

It would later turnout Trump won the election even though his followers consoled themselves with the fact that Hilary Clinton won the popular vote

It remains highly unlikely that the deadly coronavirus will suddenly disappear between now and tomorrow morning.

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