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A new dawn: Marketing powerhouse CIPMA signs deal with dance hall sensation



A new dawn: Marketing powerhouse CIPMA signs deal with dance hall sensation

Cameroon’s international premier marketing Agency (CIPMA) has signed a marketing deal today with team Phil Daisy.

The agency which seeks to be the premier game changer in digital and traditional a marketing specializes in marketing showbiz[music, films etc) penned a three months contract in Buea today January 14th 2020.

The CEO of the agency journalist, award winning animator cum marketer Njeck Sylvanus announced on his Facebook page today.

Speaking to TeboPost, the CEO Njeck Sylvanus says the deal will help put the artists to the spotlight like never before adding “ we seek to give our clients’ work of arts the necessary exposure and recognition it deserves”

The contract will see CIPMA, a marketing partner of TeboPost Media brand the artists, his music, organize his press outings and give his work unrivaled publicity.

Phil is a Cameroonian supper rising dance hall artist with an EP of 6 songs to his name. His partnership with a shot marketing agency like CIPMA is seen as many as a major break through for the artist and his management as the Buea-based company boasts of unrivaled marketing capabilities.

His media tour will begin in Yaounde on Friday January 16th 2020.

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Cameroonian music industry: A story of lost identity in a competitive global marketplace



For a while now, there have been fierce debates about the value and importance given to the Cameroon music makers amidst a flourishing music industry in next door Nigeria.

Artists, their protégés, producers and some music lovers have reprimanded almost everybody but themselves for the inability of camer showbiz to be fully embraced in the homes of Cameroonians or better still the utter neglect of Cameroonian music in the nightclubs, talk less of attributing anything reminiscent of the kind of rock star status they do badly crave beyond the borders of Cameroon.

Cameroonian music has been rising again but has failed to resonate beyond a traditional fanbase, unattractive to the continent and uncompetitive in a global marketplace.

Nightclubs Djs have come under the sword from some fans for relegating Cameroonian made music at the bottom of their pirotity play lists each time they go to work while corporate multinationals like MTN and ORANGE Cameroon have been roasted for double standards and outright bias as they chunk out hundreds of millions for foreign artists each year to perform in Cameroon for few hours while local artists are drained for an entire night for peanuts.

Even the presidency has not been spared in the latest onslaught by Cameroon music first campaigners and the first family came under diet early recently for importing Nigeria sensation Wizkid to entertain them for reportedly hundred of millions francs CFA at the expense of home based artist in December 2019.

Campaigners for what is now known as the ‘support your own’ mantra have been trumpeting their disenchantments with the statusquo , flooding social media with soul touching videos and audios filled with messages of entertainment loyalty to fatherland enveloped in a rare show of cultural patriotism

They strenuously try to argue that Cameroonians don’t value their products and detest consuming made my Cameroon with same passion that they consume made in Nigeria or even Tanzania, and they add that the multinationals don’t respect local artists reasons why they can’t make enough money to be globally competitive with their foreign counterparts

Meanwhile, critics of the ‘support your own’ concept have been quick to push back those criticisms, ridiculing the campaign for lack of foresight and label its backers as transiently and unforgivably naïve.

They argue the world has become globally competitive and Cameroonians deserve to enjoy good music irrespective of its origin or even language.

*Making sense of this all*

The business of music industry in Africa has been evolving and to be fair Cameroon has enjoyed its glory days when the west African nation once topped the continent’s music chart for decades.

Makossa which is known as the Cameroonian brand and defacto license holder of the genre was the melody of the continent in the 70s and 80s, and then the Congolese dethroned the Cameroonians with a genre of their own in the 90s. The Ivorian took the continent especially FRANCOPHONE Africa by storm in the early 2000s with their coupe Decale before surrendering the lead to the Nigerians few years later

Till date, the Nigerians have redefined how music is made and listened, embedding in their songs their rich culturally heritage and exporting it to the entire world with the help of their population and entertainment-friendly government.

The world just can’t get enough of Naija.

Nigeria entertainment industry is arguably the highest paid in Africa and contributes heavily to the country’s GDP, as a matter of fact, the entertainment industry in Nigeria makes more money in the country than any other industry excerpt oil, employing millions of Nigerians and making constant waves around the continent and indeed the world

Stars like Burna Boy, Flavour , 2Face, Dbanj, Kizz Daniel, Wikkid, Davido, P-squere, Tiwa Savage, Yemi and endless list of others have all revolutionize music in Nigeria and continent producing hit songs after hit songs whicbhas inspired the continent and make them multi-millionaires- atleast on social media.

They have understood that showbiz is far from just singing beautifully or acting talentedly, they are investing millions on their PR and self branding , flashing luxurious cars and merchandise on social media, attracting huge followers who seem to be endlessly impressed with their aristocratic and flamboyant lifestyle.

Consequently, their concerts have been jam-packed and almost always having a sold-out arenas anywhere in their country, Africa and around the world, gaining millions of worldwide fans and buidling a personality cult.

Multinationals based in their countries have also stepped in, signing multimillion endorsement deals with the artist whom they are sure have sizable following for their brands and helping to project them to the world like never before constituting a formidable partnership which works for all and retiring any other model which doesn’t look similar to the Nigerians with such unspoken arrogance

The Nigerians have redefined the entertainment business in the continent and project the real business site of the word showbiz-They are simply flying at the moment and seem to be doing everything right. the message is simple, donit the Nigerian way or retire.

It’s therefore no surprised that rising stars and local idols in other countries scramble to collaborate with them as they seek continental glory.

Most top Nigerian artiest have an entire team to work with from manger to PR and many more, constantly projecting their artists and forcing down their songs down our throats.

Do we need to talk about the music, they are always hit songs accompanied with top class videos and unrivalled graphics, epitomising hard work and talent punctuated in well panned, targeted and cordinated financial investment.

It’s not surprising therefore that Davido can get the popular O2 Arena in London sold out for a show in just few weeks (a feat attained in the past only by world class names like Beyoncé), performing for an entire night with the crowd chanting and singing to the rhythm of every single line of all the songs he played that night.

While the Congolese and Ivoirians are still sticking to their brand albeit declining fortunes, Cameroonian young stars have abandoned Makosa completely, embracing Afro hip hop and doing very poorly with hurriedly composed substandard songs and poorly released videos, mimicking Nigerians who are the best in that game and at the same time wants equal recognition

Some music gurus like Salatiel have tried to rebrand and reinvent with a blend of French and English culture to produce something unique to make waves across motherland Africa but it has always lack the cutting edge to create the deserving impact to the choosy Cameroonian youths. There is hope none the less.

Pressuring DJs to play unappealing songs will only kill their own career by sending customers away and demanding similar favors from Cameroonians through appeals in a globally competitive world is a nonstarter- they won’t buy it.

Our artists have a lot of work to do to redefine their sphere, reinvent and repacked their career and focus on producing good music worthy of international competition and embrace aggressive PR.

There are flashlights from the likes of Daphne, Salatiel, Mr Leo, Blanche, Locko and many more… but much work is still to be done if we must compete continent-wide or beyond

We are in the 21st century and music must be consumed and loved because it’s good and better than others and not because it was done within a define geographic location——times have changed

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Must Watch: Heir apparents of CFI redefine ‘stripping’ profession in a blockbuster movie



It’s a concept movie makers and lovers have describe as ground breaking and pregnant with message for Cameroonian youths as rising stars Vanesa T and Yvonne Nelson team up to warm our screens with a potential movie of the year.

Titled ‘stripping’, the Raindrop production dehumanizes the stripping profession especially in our African society and makes the case for a successful stripper who still remains descent

Shot in Buea, Douala, Limbe and Tiko, movie stripping features some of the renowned names in the country’s rising movie industry as well as introducing the heir apparents to the Cameroon movie industry

In a story filled with intrigue, suspense and lessons galore, the movie “stripping” is a story of a young 23 year old girl named Vanessa whose mother died and left her with her aunt named Mrs. Elena Salvador.

 Mrs. Elena got married to a rich, drug trafficker called Mr. Gilbert and they had a son named Jason. Vanessa went through a lot of challenges in that house because both Mr. Gilbert and Jason will always rape Vanessa to the point of getting her pregnant. She didn’t know who fathered her baby so she went for abortion but it didn’t stop them from committing the act of rape on her….

It is a story that will make you cry and yet want to have more. Premier of the movie is scheduled for March 27th March 2020 at Buea Mountain hotel

For Ticket and reservations contact: 6 82 85 15 39 / 671 10 61 01

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Broken career? Blaise B fails in music and fails in fashion



One of the highlights of the November 22nd week end was the fashion taste of some of some Cameroonian celebrities as they adorned some of the finest, most expensive, stylish and most controversial outfits to grace the red carpet of the highly anticipated movie titled “Broken”

While the start-studded movie and grand concert in Las Vegas DOUALA featuring international acts Diamond Platinum and homeboy Stanley Enow gave entertainment lovers choice crisis, it was the what people wore to attend the movie premier which had to the internet on Fire

Details about the content of the movie have been relegated to the background for movie critics to border about it for the sake of posterity while the dressing styles features as headlines on all social media platforms and celebrity columns.

One of the most controversial outfit was adorned by self-acclaimed vocal highness- Blaise B.

The Alpha Beta record’s artist and producer appeared in yet another ancient look which seems to give more meaning to the title of Tzy’s latest song-Galilee

Dressed in a white gown partially covered with a red garment which covers his head in a look reminiscent of ancient religious priests in the days of the old, the sandals which covered his legs completed one of the fashion disasters in a night everything got broken.

Fans and critics stormed social media to express outrage and praises alike, with many arguing the DOUALA-based artist is failing yet again in another dormain

Blaise B has been one of the finest and promising music sensations in the country ever since the release of his hit single Eposi” back in 2015.

But the problem though is that he has never ever graduated from that tag of “promising” despite multiple releases and robbing shoulders with some of the biggest names in the country’s modern day music.

Blaise B might belong to same records label with Mr Leo and Salatiel, both of whom enjoy national and international fame and recognitions for their work, but his artistic work (Blaise B) has fallen short of deserved praise and the population and music lovers haven’t really embraced him as an A-list artist

He has made great strides in recent months, releasing exceptional singles and featuring some of the hottest names in the music business.

His works in music production has sold him at home too but he has fallen short of competing with the elites of the industry like Stanley Enow, Dapahne, Mr Leo, Locko, Wax Dey and many more

But despite these obvious career problems which some have blamed on magagement, it is the fashion taste of the “Le Gout de Ca” singer which has come under the knife.

His casual outing with a pair of shots untop of a pair of sneakers and a t-shirt with a business bag around his shoulder at “Saving Mbango” movie premier last month angered his fans and gave munitions to the firepower of his critics  but they quickly forgave him with the hope that he will make amends in “Broken” premier.

But Blaise B seemed to be basking in the glory of the negative publicity, joining some of his fans to welcome the vibes as he seeks to change fashion sense in an industry where fashion is still
to be fully embraced

Responding to his critics, the artists writes “Everything you want to do is in your hands. You have the power to change the world , control every energy around you ( be it Positive or Negative) . All you have to do is ride on, bend the rules ,act different and let the world speak about the storm. Sorry if you are still disappointed.

Designer @dobrinahproduction you did a great job “

Not even that will silence increasing number of critics who say he can’t climb his way to the pinnacle of entertainment with negativity- or what ever that means

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