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Empowered Motanga reaffirms his commitment to tirelessly develop Limbe ahead of FESTAC



The pioneer mayor of the limbe city council Andrew Mutanga on Friday the 28th of 2020 held a press briefing at the auditorium of the limbe city council to mark preparation for the festac festival 2020.

Festac is a mustard seed that was sew by the pioneer lord mayor of the limbe city council, that has blossomed into a global cultural shindig.

The occasion witnessed the presence of resourceful and prominent personalities from divergent field of human endeavour as well as acclaimed media men and women from different media outlets across the nation.

Also present at the press outing were representatives of friendly neighbouring countries , the business community and a host of senior citizens of the city of limbe.

The city mayor Andrew Mutanga commenced by thanking the population of limbe profusely for renewing their faith in cpdm and for reinvesting their trust and confidence in in him.

He made a solemn promise with modesty to remain resolute on the path of sustainable development and to make a limbe a bastion of cpdm and the most peaceful and cleanest city in the nation.

He added that it is almost audible to the deaf and visible to the blind that limbe that limbe is undergoing infrastructural revolution and the only city in the Anglophone extraction of Cameroon that hasn’t been affected with the ongoing sociopolitical catalysm that has been shaking the very foundation on which the country’s enviable bi-cultural nature is predicted on.

He how ever thank the population of limbe of limbe for their unequivocal patriotic stance and for being true custodians of peace and unity

He used the opportunity to present his collaborators to the population that turn out to witness the press briefing. He described them as men and women of impeccable integrity and impeachable probity .

He stated that festac 2020 is vigorously going to witness a torrent of innovations such as the tombola with a variety of items that will be won’t by many such as giant tv screen, refrigerators , sophisticated handsets, etc. He equally spoke about the involvement of people with disabilities to partake in this great cultural event.

He said farmers can’t possibly be left out since they are the ones that feed the nation. He said festac 2020 is going to involve all asundry so as to echo the message of peace, unity in diversity and the concept of living together despite our diverse cultural backgrounds.

The city mayor added that FESTAC has been a testament of the common axiom that Cameroon is Africa in miniature and a melting pot of culture.

He equally used the opportunity to thank some of the stake holders and partners of festac like Cdc, Sonara, Dangote cement etc for their moral and financial support which has helped festac to aquire international recognition.

He promised that after a week from now, the cosmopolitan city of limbe again is going to metamorphose into another cultural eldorado for a week. He equally thank press men and women and crave their indulgences that he owes them a substantial depth of gratitude for propagate this vision that has today become a monumental reality

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Corona beer halts production as coronavirus infections continue to rise



Modelo Group, the Mexican brewer of Corona, announced it was halting production and marketing of its beer, according to a statement released on the company’s Twitter page Friday.

The Mexican beer company said it was taking the steps to “comply with the measures adopted by the Federal Government” of Mexico.

They also expressed their “total commitment to be part of the fight against the SARS-Cov2 virus”, the statement reads.

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After Nigeria, Cameroon big boys begin to speak, Baba Danpulo splashes 100 million francs to fight coronavirus



After Nigerian rainmakers splash billions to help their government fight coronavirus, Cameroonian
Billionaire and richest person in Central Africa according to Forbes, Baba Danpullo has donated 100 million FCFA to the state of Cameroon as support towards the fight against COVID – 19

His donation comes barely hours after government created a 1 billion solidarity fund to help fight the virus

Critics have said the money however won’t be enough given the rise of the virus, saying the government would rather spend 4 billions on wine at the Presidency and spend meager amount to keep Cameroonians safe.

Danpulo’s (Central African riches man according to Forbes) contributions comes a day after the lone English daily newspaper in the country the Guardian Post had taken the country’s billionaires to task, asking what are they doing to help government fight the virus.

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Coronavirus uncertainty: Leading tech firm A-2 Technologies develops unrivaled E-learning platform for schools



A Buea-based tech firm better known as A2 Technologies has roll out its newly developed E-learning platform for University and high schools.

The customized software the programmers say rivals the best in the market and has been in use for months now as a means to continue learning during the Anglophone crisis

Already being used by one of the private universities around the country, and two universities abroad, the software provides a classroom experience to both learners and teachers like never before

Once deployed, Students are assigned Unique IDs and they are added to a digital classrooms

The digital classrooms will have all students and teachers including a possible supervisors where teaching will take place

In the digital classrooms, teachers can upload notes in PDF or documents format, upload audio and video but above all they can run life video sessions where students can follow the lecturers from their homes using smartphones and ask questions virtually

Squeezed on how the students will controlled, the lead Programmer tells TeboPost teachers have the possibility to take attendance once all students are in class since their individual accounts will indicate they are active once they sign in.

He also says students can ask questions through video session to the hearing and watchful eye of all students and teachers can use inbuilt white board to solve complex mathematics and students watch with their phones

The instructors can also mute recalcitrant student for a period of they are online and disturbing like playing music which affects others

It’s a digital breakthrough which gives complete classroom experience to schools and students and also gives possibility for students to be evaluated and their results given in real time to their respective accounts

One of the catholic Universities in the country is already using the system, the only in Cameroon for now and two Universities in Ghana.

IT experts and digital critics say the system doesn’t have a rival in the Cameroonians and sub regional market and provides full option teaching in the era of coronavirus and solves the massive problem of uncertainty surrounding schools

The digital classroom makes mockery of modules like zoom which offers only one of its multiple functionalities which is live video.

A-2 Technilohies says the duration of the system in school depends on availability of students data, the system can be deployed and running within 7 days even to an institution as complex as state university once students data is available such as names, matriculates and courses.

To reach out to A-2 Technologies for the system, please contact 670611090

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