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Cameroon registers first coronavirus death?



Former indomitable lions striker Patrick Mboma has announced the passing of his uncle in Douala today March 23rd 2020 due to coronavirus

The football great made the announcement on tweeter barely hours after public health minister Dr Malachie had announced 9 new infected cases in the city of DOUALA- taking total tally to 56

Government authorities are yet to confirm if Mr Achille Essome died of the deadly virus or another health complication and sources at the ministry of public health says they were stunned when they got the news on tweeter

If it’s confirm, he will be the first registered fatal case due to the virus and will mark a turning point in the fight against the virus

Until today, Cameroon has had 56 infected cases , making them the second most infected nation in sub Sahara Africa behind Burkina Faso

Two persons have been successfully treated in the past but experts warn the number of infected cases is expected to rise given that many people have yet to be tested despite coming in contact with those with the virus.

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Tiko Mayor, HRM Chief Mesoso shields his municipality from coronavirus



Coronavirus: Despite inheriting empty  coffers, Tiko Mayor HRM Chief Peter Ikome Mesoso refuses to to be indifferent, embarks on  massive sensitization campaign and measures to shield his municipality from coronavirus

The lord mayor of Tiko municipality has officially declared that he will do all within his power to fight corona virus within his municipality.Mayor Mesoso made the statement during the launching of a campaign to sensitize the public about the corona virus which is taking the lives of many people in the world today.

The mayor has personally raise money to fight against the corona virus in his municipality,putting in place water tanks in all the entrying points of Tiko such as mungo bridge,big mop market mutengene, entrance to mutengene main market as well as in small villages within his municipality.

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City authorities in Coronavirus-free Bamenda to disinfect the entire city



According to the plan of action deliberated upon and adopted by the city council mayor  Achombong Tembeng Paul and stakeholders of the city at parcous Vita this afternoon, Wednesday April 1st has been dedicated for massive sensitization of the public on the do’s and don’t ahead of the campaign.

Heavy duty truck owners who’ve pledge to make available their trucks will accompany HYSACAM in transporting the garbage that will be collected from all the dumpsters and dumpsites in markets and itineraries within the city on Thursday 2nd.

On Friday April 3rd, business men and women with shops in and out of the major markets in the city: From the main market to Nkwen and food markets, petty traders and back market sellers, hawkers and road side traders, operators of mobile money qiosks, even buses that will be entering the region from up station, children who’ve been advised to stay at home but have been sent to the streets by their parents to hawk, have all been advice to stay at home because 4 trucks containing 200litres of disinfectants each will spray the major streets of Bamenda.

“I cannot fold my hands and watch this city go down the drains. There maybe no money in the coffers now but we can’t sit and wait for yaounde to act. 

This is our city, and if we should be quarantined in the nearest future, let the city be clean. I cease this opportunity to call on the banks, communication agencies and other economic operators to donate in this exercise.

They should drop whatever they have at the city council treasury. We are now a friend in need. 

They will be issued receipts upon donation. This is the only way to make our city SAFER and more BEAUTIFUL again. Let’s make it the cleanest city once more”

Bamenda and the entire north West region is yet to diagnose any case of the virus. Authorities in the town have embarked on rigorous health campaign to shield the city and the region from the deadly virus. 

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Coronavirus uncertainty: Leading tech firm A-2 Technologies develops unrivaled E-learning platform for schools



A Buea-based tech firm better known as A2 Technologies has roll out its newly developed E-learning platform for University and high schools.

The customized software the programmers say rivals the best in the market and has been in use for months now as a means to continue learning during the Anglophone crisis

Already being used by one of the private universities around the country, and two universities abroad, the software provides a classroom experience to both learners and teachers like never before

Once deployed, Students are assigned Unique IDs and they are added to a digital classrooms

The digital classrooms will have all students and teachers including a possible supervisors where teaching will take place

In the digital classrooms, teachers can upload notes in PDF or documents format, upload audio and video but above all they can run life video sessions where students can follow the lecturers from their homes using smartphones and ask questions virtually

Squeezed on how the students will controlled, the lead Programmer tells TeboPost teachers have the possibility to take attendance once all students are in class since their individual accounts will indicate they are active once they sign in.

He also says students can ask questions through video session to the hearing and watchful eye of all students and teachers can use inbuilt white board to solve complex mathematics and students watch with their phones

The instructors can also mute recalcitrant student for a period of they are online and disturbing like playing music which affects others

It’s a digital breakthrough which gives complete classroom experience to schools and students and also gives possibility for students to be evaluated and their results given in real time to their respective accounts

One of the catholic Universities in the country is already using the system, the only in Cameroon for now and two Universities in Ghana.

IT experts and digital critics say the system doesn’t have a rival in the Cameroonians and sub regional market and provides full option teaching in the era of coronavirus and solves the massive problem of uncertainty surrounding schools

The digital classroom makes mockery of modules like zoom which offers only one of its multiple functionalities which is live video.

A-2 Technilohies says the duration of the system in school depends on availability of students data, the system can be deployed and running within 7 days even to an institution as complex as state university once students data is available such as names, matriculates and courses.

To reach out to A-2 Technologies for the system, please contact 670611090

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