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South Sudanese President appoints five Vice Presidents



South Sudan’s president Salva Kiir on Friday appointed rebel leader Riek Machar as vice president, paving way for the formation of a unity government that seeks to end six years of war.

“I President Salva Kiir Mayardit, president of South Sudan, do hereby issue a decree for the appointment of Dr. Riek Machar Teny as first vice president of South Sudan with immediate effect,” said a statement read on state television.

The presidential decree also dissolved all institutions at national and state levels,” Information Minister Michael Makuei told AFP.

Five vice-presidents

The decree was read on state television, the South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation, appointing Machar as the first of five vice-presidents in a bloated cabinet to accommodate various warring parties.

But consensus has only been reached on three of the four others, including current first vice president Taban Deng Gai, a former Machar ally who defected.

James Wani Igga from Kiir’s ruling party, and Rebecca Nyandeng, a former minister and Kiir ally-turned-critic are the other named vice-presidents as part of the long-awaited unity government..

The swearing-in ceremony will take place on Saturday, Makuei said. Kiir had initially said his longtime rival would be sworn-in on Friday, after they had reached the unity deal

“The vice presidents will take oath tomorrow and thereafter we will continue to process the appointments of the cabinet and appointment of the governors of the 10 states and three chief administrators of the three administrative areas,” Makuei told AFP.

Meeting the deadline

Saturday is the third deadline for the formation of the unity government which was agreed upon in a September 2018 peace deal, but pushed back as crucial issues remained unresolved.

Key among these were the delineation of state boundaries, formation of a unified national army and security arrangements for Machar, who has been living in exile since 2016.

A last-minute deal on the number of states was achieved, although little progress has been made on the other issues.

The leaders have come under increased pressure in recent weeks both from regional heads of state and main donor, the United States, to form the government.

A compromise by Kiir to cut to 10 the number of states, which he increased unilaterally to 32 after independence, was seen as key in moving towards the creation of the government.

However the opposition remains reticent about an additional three “administrative areas” pushed through by Kiir.

Machar spokesman Manawa Peter Gatkuoth said the two men would “continue to solve the problem” after the government is formed.

Dare to hope?

“This is a major step forward, if indeed they form the government as they say,” Alan Boswell, a South Sudan expert with the International Crisis Group (ICG) told AFP.

“Kiir’s compromise on the states issue paved the way for the two sides to finally move forward, even if the parties have much more to work through in the coming weeks, months, and years.”

Machar was sacked as vice-president in 2013 and later accused of plotting a coup against Kiir, kickstarting a civil war characterised by violence, rape and UN warnings of ethnic cleansing.

A 2015 peace deal brought Machar back as vice-president and he returned to Juba with heavy security.

When that deal fell apart in July 2016, the capital was plunged into a brutal battle between their rival armies and Machar was forced to flee on foot.

The ensuing war drew in new parts of the country and other local grievances and disputes came to the fore.

Several heads of state are expected to attend Saturday’s inauguration, although no names have been confirmed.


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Nera10 cracks: Julius Tabe and 8 others vomit Tassang from prison



9 incarcerated Ambazonian leaders including Julius Ayuk Tabe vomits Wilfred Tassang for going after Kamto

In a disclaimer signed by all 9 leaders, they expressly states that the views expressed by Tassang on February 12 2020 are solely that of Wilfred Tassang and they continue to have utmost respect for prof Maurice Kamto as main opposition leader in the country and reaffirm their commitment and their resolve to fight for the independent state of Southern Cameroons

The move comes following  a strongly worded message from Tassang in his Kondengui cell. Deacon Wilfred Tassang on Feb 12th 2020 accused Maurice Kamto, National President of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement party of seeking Anglophone’s help to unseat the Head of State Paul Biya so as to further enslave them.

“Concerning LRC’s Wonderboy, I tell you Ambazonia, run away from him. We have not been able to get Chairman Fru Ndi to endorse the restoration quest, how think us that we can do so with a Kamto? The man doesn’t even flatter us, he doesn’t think we are worth humouring…” Wilfred Tassang said.

This is the first time the group of 10 (famously known as Nera10) famously arrested at Nera Hotel,Nigeria and flown to Cameroon two years  back are demonstrating open disagreement to the public

The cracks within the leaders in the dungeon will further pour cold water to any hopes of future independent state of southern Cameroons

Their rock solid unity in prison  had been consoling to many of their followers who are already tired of the infighting among the diaspora leadership, financial scandal and tumbling authority on ground zero.

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“I will call Biya about killings in Cameroon” Macron assures angry activist



In a video which has gone viral today February 22nd 2020, French President Emmanuel Macron has assured a Cameroonian activist that he will call his counterpart President Biya about killings in Cameroon

In a remarkable trend of events in France, a Cameroonian activist whose name TeboPost is yet to have could be heard shouting the name of the French President as he walks pass what looks like a busy train station with a sea of people along with his security details

The activist kept shouting the name of Macron and telling him about the ongoing crisis in Cameroon from a distance

Few seconds later, Macron finally gave the man his attention in a major win for the activist

The activist then quickly narrated a series of urgent concerns to the French leader, drumming about the Anglophone crisis and the killings there as well as incarceration of some activists

He reminded the French President that France is a state of law and cannot be seen siding with “dictatorial regimes”

The French President then assured the man that he is aware of the Anglophone crisis, distances himself and his country from the right abuses in Cameroon and pledged to call Biya about the killings in Anglophone regions

Mr Macron then called for his assistant to note the names of potential political prisoners mentioned by the activist as he assured him he will intervene.

The video is spreading pretty fast on social media as many back home are saluting the bravery of the activist, saying his encounter with Macron has given him more opportunity that what the Ambazonian activists have had in the last years despite all life lost

France is seen as one of the highest backers of the regime in Yaounde as the former colonial master continues to play significant role in the political affair of its former colonies

Listen to the encounter in the video above

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